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The DURATIQ 6 is a grinder built on an entirely new platform generation, with the focus on operational reliability, precisions, control and power. Among other things, the machine has an entirely new and intuitive digital control panel, as well as equally smart remote control. The completely dustproof, hermetically sealed design of the grinding head and electrical enclosure increases the service life of all components, while improving grinding precision. The well-balanced chassis design makes the DURATIQ 6 easier to operate, with better ergonomics and increased safety.

The machine can be configured in many different ways. As an example, you can choose between three or four grinding heads, remote control as well as the water package. Read more about all the options and benefits at


DURATIQ. Two machines completely redesigned, each with more than 100 new features, solutions and details matching the clearly set requirements and expectations of professional users and specialists the world over.

The Grinding head

The heart of the DURATIQ, the grinding head, is built on an all-new design – based on equal portions of precision and strength. The completely dust tight, hermetically sealed design increases the service life of all components, while increasing grinding precision.

Intuitive and smart

The HTC DURATIQ is here to reveal the future with an entirely new, intuitive digital control panel called HMI (Human/Machine Interface) and an equally smart remote control unit.


The DURATIQ is based on an entirely new chassis design with full consideration to center of gravity, maneuverability and feel. This makes the DURATIQ easier to operate, with better ergonomics and increased safety.

Maximized synergies

The DURATIQ features a number of innovations that all interact to increase efficiency and improve the work environment.

Customize your DURATIQ

Choose the model, equipment and accessories to suit your needs. Two sizes. 28 configurations.Endless possibilities.

PDF's with more infromation on DURATIQ 6

For more information or to get a quote, call (865).766.8425

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