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HTC 270 EG


The most advanced edge grinder for professional users

Switching to an HTC 270 EG means that the time spent on edge grinding can be seriously reduced for any contractor. We are confident to say that the HTC 270 EG is the world first true professional edge grinder.

The core focus in HTC’s product development has always been ergonomics, economy and ecology and HTC 270 EG is no exception. The machine is advanced, yet simple to use and many different options in configuration enables a more controlled and ergonomic edge grinding than ever before.

Adjustable grinding head

The ability to adjust the grinding head in both X- and Y-axis provide conditions for a perfect result when grinding. Furthermore, all settings are easily made without any need for special tools.


The HTC developed tool change system is quick, simple and safe. One tooling system for all HTC’s grinding machines

Good working environment

HTC’s machines are perfectly balanced during grinding with vibration levels much lower than the threshold values. Sound levels are very low and grinding is more or less dust free.

Height of grinding head

The height of the grinding head, which measures 100 mm with the EZchange tools fitted, is a unique feature that will be appreciated in many environments. In addition, the machine has an insertion depth of 260mm in lateral position to reach below shelves, radiators etc.

PDF's with more information on HTC 270 EG

For more information or to get a quote, call (865).766.8425

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