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ICE 26" Automatic Ride-On Scrubber

The RS26 riding auto scrubber is fully automated with a one-button programmed switch for training-free operation, and a three-setting pad pressure of up to 165lb allows for maximum cleaning efficiency.  Its digitized (1% to 5%) solution mixing system makes solution composition change simple, and our compact design gives the RS26 maximum maneuverability.


  • Heavy duty structure for maximum durability

  • State-of-the-art, user friendly touch panel control system

  • One button programmed switch for training-free operation

  • On board digitalized solution mixing system improves working efficiency

  • Variable pad pressure up to 165lbs

  • No tools needed for changing squeegee blades

  • Delayed vacuum motor shut off

  • Emergency shutdown system

  • Working efficiency up to 46,285 feet^2/hr

Standard Accessories

  • Pad Holder

  • 25 Amp on-board battery charger

Available Upgrades

  • Gel batteries

*All prices are subject to change without notice.

The ICE 26" Ride-On Scrubber comes standard with a 5 year warranty on parts & labor.

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